Thursday, September 13, 2012

Week 3 Letter

Hi There My Family!!!
     So I am starting my forth week here at the CTM and the time sure is going fast.  Thank you for the pictures Sam and Sean.  Finn is so cute and the shoes look great on him! LOL.  So my goal to learn the 100 words kind of failed...I have been having a hard time trying to figure out when to study because the schedules are very packed here at the CTM...and when I actually get a break, I want to color my Tangled coloring book. LOL.  Yeah...eeryone knows that Sister Brickey is the Disney Gooroo around the CTM.  Yesterday I helped my District leader, Elder Fleming sing "What's This" from A Nightmare Before Christmas.  It was fun.  lol. But classes here are going great and I am beginning to have small conversations with my Brazilian roommates.  They are awesome!  Both Sisters are the only members in their families and one, her father doesn't know she is serving a mission and the other, her family is not happy at all that she is serving.  The faith of these Brazilian Sisters is so strong and they are great example to me. 
    So I ate at a place like Tacono's today at is was so delicious and guess what?  I ate two chicken hearts...I know!!! CRAZY!!!!  But they weren't so bad.  The first one was very good and then thye second...I could feel the different ventricles as I chewed so I decided that would be my last one.  LOL.  But everything else is great.  At the meals in the CTM, we have two different types of meat for every meal.  And I ate lamb and didn't even know it.  Oh and while we were out eating today at that one place like Tacona's, my instructor taught me how goats, chicken, and pigs are slaughtered.   Yep...I am grateful for frozen food.  lol.  I have gained lots of information though...some not all welcome....those poor animals.  Fluffy animals.  LOL.  Oh, your Portuguese word for the day is sorrir, which means to smile.  So smile!
   Thank you for sending Elder Baker's letter to me.  Make sure you send it to my MTC address that I included in the letter I sent home.  It is on the other side of the writing.  Thank you so much!!!  I sent him two just to respond from his last letter and the other for his Birthday.  I hope he gets them. :)
    Oh, so last night we had a guest speaker from our area presidency here in brazil and he gave a really good talk about Heroes.  Here are some quotes I really liked, "Courage is not needed to make decisions that are easy to us.  Courage is necessary when we don't have the advantage."  "A hero is revealed in the hard times."  "You carry two names on your nametags, your family's and the Lords.  Make sure you honor them!"  It was a great talk.  Oh and if you have the Story of Butch O'Hare, Al Capone, and Easy Eddie.  If the story is not on google, let me know and I will type is up next week.  It is a good one.  A story about heroes and integrity.  :)
    Another lesson I have learned while at the CTM is that no matter the way we perceive someone or believe them to be something or some type of person, it is always our responsibility and our choice to respond in a grateful and respectful way instead of a stubborn and prideful way.  Why did Laman and Lemuel respond to Nephi the way they did?  Because they were prideful and stubborn.  They were unable to truly listen to their brother and father because their knowledge, their opinion was the only thin that mattered.  The Book of Mormon truly teaches us how to be better people and get closer to our Father in Heaven. 
    I know that God lives and His Son Jesus Christ came to this Earth and suffered and died for the sins of the world.  I know that He blessed us with a comforter, the Holy Ghost, to warn us, to protect us, and to guide us back to Him, if we just listen.  I know these things to be true.
I love you all and hope life is going well.  Be safe!
Sister Whitley Ann Brickey
P.S.  Keep smiling.
P.S.  Thank you again for sending Colby's letter.  I would love some mail. I love you all!  Hope your September is going well! 
P.S. Kaylee have fun at school!!! You will be awesome!!!! :)

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